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With over 20 years experience within the sign and print industry, we offer a great range of products and services from signs and vehicle graphics to printing solutions. Whether you need to update your existing look or just starting out, our team are happy to help with superb quality and great pricing.

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These kits are for mounting vertical double sided banners to walls.

Zinc'd & Powder Coated for maximum durability

Takes a 610mm wide banner x up to 2.4mts

Draw bar 'limited stretch' tensioners

Black or white available

Up lighter/Down lighter Kits available (please ask)

Kit includes:-

2 Main Support poles

2 tensioner bars

2 quick links

2 draw bar Spring Tensioners

6 Ankerbolt fixings*

1 Double sided total block out printed banner (artwork separate)

Our double sided banners are digitally printed onto 510gsm 'Total Block' reinforced PVC (to eliminate light show through), direct from your files.

(we can produce artwork at an additional cost)

* Fixings are supplied for convenience & does not imply suitability.

  It is the fixers responsibility to assess fitness for purpose.

* Additional costs for artwork and installation. (Please call)

Supplied with 610mm x 2.4m printed banner
60cm Wall Fixed Banner Pole Kit 
- printed with a total block double sided hemmed banner 
To purchase please call 01772 702 701 - Other Sizes Available
Banner Accessories
A variety of banner accessories are available from pole kits to banner frames.
For further information please call 01772 702 701
Cafe banner systems available
In various sizes and styles.
Banner frames available in
various Sizes.
Special fabric banners available
on request.